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2REAL is for educators who are piloting or implementing a student-centered, competency based program or school. 

This year, we are inviting educators to work alongside our BDEA teachers and students as they revise curriculum while adapting to a free educator- and student-friendly digital learning platform, PowerSchool Learning. PSL is a flexible tool supporting student-centered learning, and helps teachers navigate a competency-based classroom by providing simple and efficient curriculum management.  Workshops will examine how digital learning can be used to support competency-based curriculum design, instruction, and assessment.  Time will be set aside to work collaboratively on:

  • Differentiating instruction for different paces using technology
  • Designing cognitively demanding tasks and assessments
  • Incorporating active and problem-based learning into relevant and engaging curriculum
  • Transferring your curriculum into PowerSchool Learning

Four days including breakfast, lunch, snacks and all materials: $250 per person